Exercise in Pregnancy


Exercising during pregnancy is a great way to stay healthy, for both you and your baby!

Benefits now:

Exercising in pregnancy will have many benefits now and after your baby is born. Those moms who exercise during pregnancy will usually have less back discomfort, sleep better, improved mood and posture, and a decreased risk of gestational diabetes.

Most exercise regimines are fine to pursue. However, it is best to avoid contact sports (for obvious reasons) and scuba diving.


The best advice that I can give concerning level of exertion (and heart rate) is to listen to your body. If you are having difficulties catching your breath, are experiencing cramping, or dizziness –these are all signs that you need to slow down or stop.


Just remember, that as your pregnancy progresses, your joints will begin to relax and may become more prone to injury. Also, as your belly increases in size your posture will change and you may therefore need to modify your exercise routine to fit your capabilities.

The best result of exercising during pregnancy, is that your body will return to “normal” more readily after birth!!

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