Heart Health for Women


Are you at increased risk for heart disease? If you are over the age of 55, have elevated cholesterol (or LDL), high blood pressure, smoke, don’t exercise, are obese, OR diabetic you are putting yourself at risk. Physiology The vessels that supply the heart with blood and oxygen are the coronary arteries. With increased cholesterol, […]

Exercise in Pregnancy


Exercising during pregnancy is a great way to stay healthy, for both you and your baby! Benefits now: Exercising in pregnancy will have many benefits now and after your baby is born. Those moms who exercise during pregnancy will usually have less back discomfort, sleep better, improved mood and posture, and a decreased risk of […]

Nutrition in Pregnancy


Eating well in pregnancy is not difficult. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed a web site to help Choose My Plate.  This website will help guide you in choosing the appropriate food groups, as well as helping to determine portion size. Food choices that are “fresh” (ie. Not boxed) are always a better option for […]

Weight Control: Eating Right and Keeping Fit in 2015


Are you at a healthy weight? To determine whether or not your weight is in a healthy range doctors have been using the body mass index(BMI). Your BMI is a calculation based upon your height and weight. To calculate yours go BMI Calculator. If your result is between 25-29.99 then you are considered overweight, if […]