Nutrition in Pregnancy


Eating well in pregnancy is not difficult.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed a web site to help Choose My Plate.  This website will help guide you in choosing the appropriate food groups, as well as helping to determine portion size.

Food choices that are “fresh” (ie. Not boxed) are always a better option for obtaining necessary vitamins and minerals during pregnancy.


However, some supplements are also recommended in order to supplement your diet. Prenatal vitamins are strongly recommended, the type ( over-the-counter or prescription) is not quite as important as finding one that you are able to tolerate (and afford!).

Folic Acid and Calcium

Other supplements that are recommended include : folic acid and calcium. Folic acid is primarily obtained from leafy green vegetables; however, as most American diets are lacking in vegetables, supplements are recommended to help prevent neural tube defects (defects in the development of the baby’s brain and spine).The recommended daily dose of Folic acid is 600mcg /day- many prenatal vitamins include this amount.

The second vitamin that is suggested is calcium. Calcium will help with bone development, and 1000mg/ day is the recommended dose. Again prenatal vitamins contain some calcium, however usually less than the 1000mg suggested.

Remember, healthy foods are the best resource for vitamins and minerals, supplements are designed only to help a diet that is not well-rounded.


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